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Barnett's Creek Farm

Small Farm Charm


   There is nothing we love more than sharing our alpacas with visitors and people interested in owning and breeding these wonderful peaceful creatures. 

   There is nothing that frustrates us more than people that show up at the farm without an appointment, unannounced and unprepared to raise alpacas. 


    We offer farm tours and education BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  We have other things going on in our lives, so PLEASE ask in advance if we can spend time with you to show you the alpacas, talk about them and show you some of the awesome products that they help to produce.  We want YOU to get the best experience you possibly can ... we can't do that if we are unprepared or rushed because of time constraints.

         So ..... CALL,EMAIL, FACEBOOK MESSAGE US or use our Square Appointments Website  Book a Farm Visit



   About our tours: 


  Plan to spend between 1 - 2 HOURS at the farm.  

Children MUST be with an adult AT ALL TIMES.  ~  Please keep them focused on the visit so they don't wander off to other parts of the farm where they could be injured.  We have a creek with a very deep and rocky bank as well as personal belongings that they should not be near.

NO PETS ALLOWED ~ Our alpacas are not used to unfamiliar dogs and they will view it as a threat which will make them hide in the barn or be very cautious about coming close to the fence so that you can see them.  We don't have a Livestock Guardian Dog, but we do have a family pet which we will keep contained while you are here.

Clothing / Footwear ~ We are a working farm with very rocky ground.  We have fences and gates that sometimes have rough spots. Although we can not predict the behavior of our alpacas, please be aware that they sometimes spit, mostly at one another. If by chance you get into the crossfire, you won't like it. We advise that you might want to bring an extra shirt in case this happens, unless you are returning immediately back home.  The ground is uneven and rocky.  Please make sure that EVERYONE in your party has comfortable CLOSED TOE shoes that can be cleaned. If you have muck boots, those are even better.  Since we are a working farm there will be dirt, mud, rocks AND POOP that you will have to step over and around during your visit. 


At the completion of your visit, we will take you into the lower level of our home where there are alpaca products for sale. This includes Yarn, Rugs, Toys and handmade items. Our product sales are how we support the farm and help defer the cost of shearing the alpacas each spring.